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What All Bozeman Buyers Should Be Aware of Before Buying a Home

Written by on Friday, 27 January 2017 2:04 pm

It is a common concern in real estate by Buyers that the condition of a home might not ‘match up’ with what was disclosed by the Seller. Unfortunately for homebuyers, once a closing is complete, the seller is typically not responsible for any damage or repair that were missed during the Buyer’s inspection and due diligence process.  

One area that can be difficult to inspect in a winter time climate is the roof of a home.  In 2010, Bozeman, Montana experienced a massive hail storm, dumping “golf ball and baseball-sized hailstones.” This hail storm was so big that the pounding hail broke windows (even car windshields) and tore apart siding (especially vinyl), gutters, and roofs. This was the kind of storm that buyers should remember when searching for homes in Bozeman.  A smaller hail storm occurred in 2012 that also caused damage.

It can be extremely difficult, to accurately evaluate the condition of a roof during winter in mountain towns like our IF there is snow on the roof.  Home inspectors can do a visual inspection of a roof not covered by snow, but with snow present the roof can’t be inspected.  Under this scenario, additional measures a Buyer can take include:  1.) Asking the Seller for any past repairs or replacements on the roofing surface including paid invoices 2.) Asking the Seller for any insurance claims and more importantly, proof that those paid claims were not ‘pocketed’ but instead used for the purpose of the claim.  3.) Asking their own insurance company for a list of past claims on the home when they are getting a rate quoted.

A roof can last anywhere from 15 to 30 years. However, in the rare case of a heavy hail storm, roof shingles can be severely worn and thus have significantly decreased life expectancy.  Be sure to do your due diligence relating to roofs when purchase a home.

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